About us


The medien ost e.V. is a Halle-based association which is active in the field of radio training and journalism, networking and coordination of correspondents in Eastern Europe. Starting their work with the participation in the preparation of the FM@dia 04 Forum in Prague the members of the medien ost e.V. are now running several projects in the field of radio training - not only in Germany, but also with a cross border character. The radio training offered by the medien ost e.V. is based on the principles of independent and non-profit media and helps cultural and political activists or minority groups to articulate their perspectives and topics in a professional or semi-professional media context. Special training measures are developped for non-privileged social groups and people and for special target groups (unemployed, migrants, minorities).

An important goal of the medien ost e.V. is to improve the general conditions for an independent radio journalism in Eastern Europe and about Eastern Europe in Germany (networking radio initiatives, building up of a noncommercial correspondent network, cross border radio projects). The members of the medien ost e.V. take part in the research for the possibilities of renewing the radio genre with a special focus on artistic and emancipatory interpretations of the medium. The medien ost e.V. organizes workshops, events, co-productions which help to make cross border contacts from the West to the East and from the East to the West and develop multilingual and common radio- and art-projects. In its own radio activities the medien ost e.V. concentrates on alternative media and culture in the countries of Eastern and Southeast Europe - inside and outside the EU.